Solutions for Physicians, Research Centres and Biopharma

Are you a public or private physician looking for a hand in clinical trials? A research center struggling to support your researchers with limited resources? Biopharma/CRO looking for the right expert? Whatever your research challenge, we're here to help.


Many physicians want to participate in research and clinical trials but do not have the time or resources to facilitate and run the projects on their own. 

That's where Primesite comes in. We can handle:

  • Study identification and site setup services
  • Study recruitment
  • Study management
  • Join our network

Our approach saves physicians time, streamlines the logistics of running a trial, and enables research success.

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Research Centres

Are you looking to set up a new research centre or research program or have you successfully built as a research centre or program but want to grow, become financially sustainable or improve efficiency? We can help.

  • Financial services, study budgeting, and negotiation
  • Human resources and operations
  • Education, coaching, and business development
  • Quality assurance
  • Consulting services

Research centres or programs that partner with Primesite empower more research.

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Are you looking for the right expert or decentralized clinical trials solutions? The assurance that you'll be sponsoring quality research? We help make the connections you're looking for.

  • Find the right researcher
  • Site identification and feasibility
  • Single point of contact
  • Remote research services
  • Virtual ready

Biopharma/CROs that approach Primesite save more time and costs by conducting studies faster.

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