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Physicians Conducting Clinical Trials

Whether Academic or Private, Experienced or New to Clinical Trials, Physicians working with Primesite spend less time on the logistics — and more on the research and patients


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Ready for Simpler Clinical Trials Management?

For a busy physician, running a clinical trial goes a lot more comfortably when you've got a partner like Primesite to handle the logistics. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You want to start running clinical trials but don’t know where to begin

  • You have experience with running clinical trials, however, you don’t have the necessary staff and support to look at new studies

  • You're already conducting studies, but want to grow and  become a more efficient and sustainable research site

 Whatever it is, we can help. Contact us now.

From No Experience in Clinical Trials to a Successful Trial 

A physician was approached about a sub-specialty study. He had no experience in Clinical Trials but felt this was important and needed research.

Primesite was contracted to help run the study. We successfully negotiated a fair budget, completed all regulatory documents, recruited the necessary participants, collaborated with the sponsor, and built trusting relationships with the study participants. The study was ran according to the protocol and ICH-GCP guidelines with a focus on patient care. At the study's end, the investigator had a successfully completed trial behind him and collected fair residual funds.

Years of Experience Doing Clinical Trials
Support Team
Successfully Completed Studies
Investigators Worked With
Sponsors and CROs Worked With
No Time In The Day-2

Want to conduct Clinical Trials but don't have the Time and Resources?

Primesite Research Solutions can partner with you to get your study up and running. We'll provide the necessary infrastructure, resources, and technology to conduct a study from start to finish so you can focus on patient care. All services are fully customizable to fit your needs.

We Empower Physicians-2

We Empower Research

Primesite Research comes in when you’re looking to break the study management barrier.

Study identification and site setup services:

Identify potential studies

Negotiate the budget

Facilitate contract review

Obtain all vendors and operational approvals

Submit to the Research Ethics Board

Complete all regulatory documents

Create source worksheets

Study recruitment:

Recruitment plan and strategy

Help with the marketing campaign

Recruit successfully and on time

Clinical Trials Within the Reach of any Physician-2

Clinical Trials Within Reach

Don’t let study logistics prevent you from conducting valuable clinical trials.

Study management:

Build trusting relationships with participants, vendors, and sponsors

Conduct the study according to ICH-GCP guidelines and SOPs

Ensure clean data entry and resolution of all queries

Facilitate all monitoring visits

Maintenance of all regulatory requirements

Study administration:

Complete all extra administrative and financials tasks

Provide regular and up to date financial information

We are here to answer and handle any issues

Be your source of information on research and clinical trials

Be a resource on all clinical trials matters

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