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Are you a public or private physician looking for a hand in clinical trials? A research centre struggling to support your researchers with limited resources? Sponsor/CRO looking for the expert? Whatever your research challenge, we're here to help.
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How We Helped a Research Office Resolve Their Deficit

A research program with over a half million dollar deficit had a lot of potential studies coming in — but the budgets were insufficient and staffing was unstable. Primesite Research Solutions came in to assist with operational and financial support.

  • Primesite reviewed all finances and put together a deficit repayment plan
  • Negotiated all new budgets, implemented tracking and financial policies, and reevaluated the office procedures.
  • Worked closely with the existing research team and helped grow the program by hiring and coaching qualified staff.

The deficit was resolved in 1.5 years and the office is now financially sustainable with a large number of running and upcoming studies and a stable, engaged study team.

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