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Are you a research site, centre, institution, or program looking to increase your efficiency, achieve financial sustainability, and build a properly-trained, stable research team?

Primesite Research Solutions is an Integrative Site Network and a Clinical Trials Consultancy group based out of Western Canada. We are a team of research professionals offering services in financial oversight, study budget negotiation, human resources management and site operations.

Primesite believes in an integrative, supportive, and professional relationship. We work together with our investigators and study staff to develop solutions focused on their individual needs. We're, agile, flexible, and optimize all available tools to ensure the success of our clients.

How We Helped a Research Office Resolve Their Deficit

A research program with over a half million dollar deficit had a lot of potential studies coming in — but the budgets were insufficient and staffing was unstable. Primesite Research Solutions came in to assist with operational and financial support.

  • Primesite reviewed all finances and put together a deficit repayment plan
  • Negotiated all new budgets, implemented tracking and financial policies, and reevaluated the office procedures.
  • Worked closely with the existing research team and helped grow the program by hiring and coaching qualified staff.
The deficit was resolved in 1.5 years and the office is now financially sustainable with a large number of running and upcoming studies and a stable, engaged study team.
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Supporting Clinical Trials

Research Offices frequently don’t have all the resources they need. Here's what we can do to help:

  • Financial services: We utilize, implement, and customize financial tracking systems to ensure your study payments are made accurately and on-time. Financial reporting and forecasting are available to track income and expenses and to analyze the financial health of your research program.
  • Study budgets and negotiation: We work together with the Principal Investigator, study staff and sponsor to create a budget that is acceptable and workable for all parties.
  • Human resource services: We work together with your research team on hiring, managing, and coaching of research staff. We are there for the program when issues arise and for the day to day needs of the program.
  • Operations: Primesite offers innovative ways to track time and effort, plan projects, and delegate work. We offer guidance in standard operating procedures, the establishment of official guidelines, and can provide study timelines and forecasting goals to keep the study and team on track.
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Helping to Grow

  • Education and Coaching: Primesite partners with your team to provide educational seminars and coaching. Topics include financial management, building a budget, negotiation, quality assurance, and overall day-to-day responsibilities of a Research Coordinator.
  • Quality Assurance: Data quality and protection of research participants are the biggest priorities in research. Primesite works together with your team to review study data, regulatory submissions, and study processes to ensure your site is audit-ready.
  • Consulting services: Primesite can help you address any issues, facilitate change management, and any help implement new tools and resources such as Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) and other site programs.  
  • Business Development: We can identify your opportunities and bring new studies to your group to help you grow.
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Primesite Research Fills the Gaps

We bring seasoned, collaborative experience and study management to the table. Working with us, whether it’s with budgeting, HR, planning, or any form of study logistics, Research Offices are able to plug the gaps as needed. 

Let us be your secret weapon in the ongoing challenge to get more quality research done — successfully.

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